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I attended a two year pre-nursing course 1977-1979 ,then completed a course in 1979-1984 to become a Teacher and a first level nurse. I had lunch with the man who devised the course and he explained to me that he wanted to develop practitioners who could help people. He felt that educatiors could combine the nursing model and vis a versa, so that isolated disciplines could merge.It was a small intake -up to ten places. Fellow students tended to choose either teaching or Nursing at the end of the course- I tried to combine the two by becoming a Deputy Director of a two hundred bedded home which provided a hospital unit and day and residential services for people who had learning disabilities. It was a post that I held for ten years before becoming a Quality Assurance officer in a bid to work with teams to improve services. Throughout my career I have managed teams of nursing and teaching practitioners in order to improve care and education services-specifically services that were in crisis with the Care Quality Commission across England and Northern Ireland