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Our aim is to bring about positive change by lobbying employers and government to reduce and eradicate racial discrimination in the healthcare sector. Our nurse-led organisation Equality 4 Black Nurses has been developed in light of the George Floyd incident, the Black Lives Matter movement, Covid-19 and the way it disproportionately and adversely affects Black health care staff in the UK due to racism and discrimination in the workplace.

Equality 4 Black Nurses is governed by our executive committee team which is chaired by our moderator.

Our members are all nurses and selected by interview and democratic vote by team members.


We are looking for nurses to join, so please contact us here, on Facebook, via Twitter or LinkedIn, or give us a phone call.

Join Us Every Tuesday at 9PM on Zoom

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We believe Black Nurse can embrace who they are,
can define their future progression, and stand up against racism

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Empower Nurses to stand up against racism

Male Nurse

Our Vision

Our Vision is to ensure our working lives as nurses within the health service is just and fair

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