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Black Nurses are increasingly under the threat of racism & discrimination in the workplace

For many people, Black nurses are strong, resilient, and motivated healthcare workers. They are an inspiration to the community and heroes who risk their lives to protect us. And sure enough, many nurses love what they do passionately.

Unfortunately, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic it has been highlighted that black nurses are increasingly under the threat of racism and discrimination in the workplace and many are finding it challenging to keep things together. Many are upset and anxious.

Throughout the pandemic Black nurses reported that they barely slept due to the fear of picking up the virus and lack of support and understanding from employers. In addition

Black nurses are likely to be verbally abused by patients and sometimes colleagues.

Many lack motivation due to feeling oppressed at the workplace. They need a solution but don’t where to begin. That’s where Equality 4 black nurses come in.

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