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Embracing each others Culture

This poem was written by a staff nurse in recovery from severe racial abuse from a white senior manager in a large NHS trust. She worked there for many years and suffered in silence. The team mocked her for her spiritual beliefs; she was isolated and ostracised. She lost her hair and had other health problems due to the treatment.

She came to Equality 4 Black Nurses late and had already lost her case at an employment tribunal. She was traumatised, depressed and didn't understand the process. She was broken, oppressed and lost. However, she found comfort in poetry.

The world is a diverse place.

Rich in culture, It was God's grace.

We must respect each other no matter where we are from.

One's religion is a belief and one's choice.

Let no one intimidate or judge because they have no right - For only then our future is bright.

By taking time to understand, we can bridge the cultural gap

Communicating is key - We must celebrate diversity

We are all equal

No matter where we come from and if you don't see me - There should be no superiority. Love sees no colour

A world so diverse where the beauty lies within us

Each person so unique and relationships built on trust

We must not pass judgement or have preconceived ideas

As human beings, we are not perfect, but we must respect, value and be fair.

No matter what creed, race or colour.

As we move forward, the time will come for acceptance, tolerance and equality.

Black nurses suffer mentally and physically from racial trauma, and nobody listens. Equality 4 Black Nurses is challenging this racism. We demand justice and change, and we will not be silenced. If you need our help, don't hesitate to contact us via our website, or our social media accounts by emailing or phoning 0208 050 2598, and we will support you.

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Lucy Likando
Lucy Likando
30 mar 2023

At some point we need to review our perspective. This goes beyond racism. I sent an email last year and I am still hoping for a response.

Me gusta
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