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Gaining Strength

A mind yearns for a mouth to speak. How can I explain?

The waters from the brooks of eyes...

Even when hereby, a girl so far with the anguish of the trauma...

And the bitterness buries deep down. How can I explain?

My dreadlocks speak pure, but their dread eyes clearly with no love...

Oh! Fear pierced me... deep in my marrow... of eyes that terrify and plot misery... How can I explain?

Torture found me in my darkness.

I lost my passion and my love for nursing, but gained strength.

Surely, I have come a long way. I can now explain my pain...

A poem kindly written by an E4BN nurse who wrote this as a way to process her racial trauma.

No one needs to be on their own anymore when dealing with racial trauma, E4BN exists for a reason - to empower Black and Brown nurses to stand up against racism, and reduce and eradicate racism in the healthcare sector. It doesn't matter if what you're going through is big or small, bring all your concerns to E4BN and let us help you. We can help with filing grievances, employment tribunal, filing ACAS and ET1 forms, therapy and support etc.

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