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Justice for Ebenezer * Battling Racial Discrimination in Healthcare

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Dear Friends, Supporters, and Concerned Citizens,

I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits.

Today, we come to you with a story of resilience and a call for solidarity in the face of injustice. We are rallying together to support Ebenezer (Name changed), who, after being the target of a racially motivated attack at work, has now been wrongfully accused of assault.

Ebenezer is not a victim but a survivor, a symbol of strength, and an individual who deserves justice.

Here's his story:

In the world of healthcare, where the global majority continue to strive for equity and justice, we want to draw your attention to a distressing incident involving Ebenezer, a 35-year-old international carer, who, on September 1, 2023, found himself fighting for his life on the resuscitation trolley of an NHS hospital. Ebenezer's journey to the UK was filled with hope and ambition, but little did he know that he would become another horrific statistic and victim of racial discrimination as a staff member within the healthcare system.

This blog post serves as a stark reminder of the racial discrimination faced by the global majority and aims to shed light on Ebenezer's unfortunate ordeal.

Ebenezer's Journey:

March 2022

marked the beginning of a new chapter in Ebenezer's life as he embarked on his journey. Armed with 15 years of experience in care work in his hometown in Africa, he was ready to contribute his skills to the healthcare sector in his new home. Ebenezer started his UK career as a Health Care Assistant (HCA) through an agency, earning a reputation as a "well respected" and "well-liked" individual. He worked tirelessly, completing shifts across eight different care homes.

The Turning Point: However, Ebenezer's promising career took a devastating turn on July 13, 2022. On that fateful day, he was asked to assist two HCAs in caring for a resident who was known to be racist and hostile toward Black healthcare workers. Ebenezer, always diligent and considerate, expressed his concerns to the nurse in charge about assisting this resident. Despite his reservations, Ebenezer was reassured by the nurse that the resident had requested him specifically.

What followed was a shocking and distressing experience that would change Ebenezer's life forever.

As Ebenezer tried to provide care, he faced an agitated resident who kicked him twice. He then coughed up phlegm and spat it into his face. In addition to these degrading acts, the resident hurled racial slurs at Ebenezer, calling him a "Black bas***d. Ebenezer firmly asked the resident to stop, and he removed himself from the situation. Little did he know that this interaction would result in suspension from work while an investigation into his fitness to practice took place, being arrested and held in custody, becoming homeless and an inpatient in hospital.

A Downward Spiral: As time passed, Ebenezer's life took a distressing turn into the depths of depression and thoughts of ending his own life. To make matters worse, his suffering was intensified when we made a Subject Access Request (SAR) on his behalf and discovered a mysterious fabricated allegation of theft added to his records, adding to his already overwhelming distress. Only after our challenge of the allegation was it proven entirely false.

The Unfortunate Present: Now, if we fast-forward to September 1, 2023, we were hit with the shocking news about Ebenezer's seizure and collapse at home. This was followed by a frantic rush to the hospital for emergency resuscitation. What's truly heart-wrenching is that all of this unfolded mere hours after Ebenezer had attended a meeting where he received the devastating news that he had been removed from the professional register.

The Wider Issue: Our hearts and prayers go out to Ebenezer as we hope for his complete recovery. Ebenezer's story serves as a stark reminder of the pervasive racial discrimination that persists within our healthcare institutions. It is unacceptable that within four short months of working in the UK, he faced racial discrimination, assault and vexatious complaints that led to a downward spiral in his life. However, Ebenezer's case is not an isolated incident.

It highlights a pervasive problem within the healthcare system of widespread discrimination against the global majority. A disproportionate number of Black and minority ethnic staff are referred to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) for fitness to practise. Often, the referral is vexatious, and, in Ebenezer's case, his skin colour played a significant role in the care home manager's decision to involve the police rather than addressing his well-being as a victim of direct racial discrimination from a patient.

Conclusion: Ebenezer's story is a call to action, a plea for justice, and a demand for change. We cannot allow Ebenezer's ordeal to become just another statistic. So, we must stand together collectively to ensure that incidents like this are not repeated and that healthcare professionals of all backgrounds are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

In times like these, when Ebenezer should receive support and empathy, he is instead fighting a legal battle that threatens to overshadow the injustice he has already endured.

We have launched this crowdfunding campaign to help Ebenezer secure the legal representation he needs and deserves.

We aim to raise £ 4,000 to cover his legal fees and ensure he receives a fair trial.

Your contribution will make a profound difference in Ebenezer's life and the pursuit of justice, no matter how big or small.

Here's how you can support Ebenezer :

1. Donate to our organisation's bank account.


Account number 63233669

Sort Code - 20 - 57 - 76

Reference - Ebenezer

Every penny brings us one step closer to achieving our goal. (We will update the blog with each donation regularly and if you would like your name published we will also add this to the blog updates).

2. Spread the word about this campaign among your friends, family, and colleagues on your social media platforms. Awareness is a powerful tool, and your voice can help us reach more people who care.

3. Encourage others to join our cause: Share Ebenezer's story and the importance of standing up against racial injustice and wrongful accusations.

4. Volunteer: If you have skills or resources to assist in this campaign or help Ebenezer in other ways, don't hesitate to contact us at matron@equality4blacknurses or 0208 050 2598.

Ebenezer has shown incredible strength and resilience in the face of adversity. Now, we must stand by him and ensure justice is served.

Let us unite as a community against racial injustice and wrongful accusations.

Your support can impact Ebenezer's life and send a powerful message that we stand up for what is right.

Thank you for your compassion, generosity, and commitment to justice.

Together, we can make a difference and ensure that Ebenezer receives the fair trial he deserves.

*To protect the privacy of specific individuals, the names have been changed.

©2023 Equality 4 Black Nurses. All rights reserved. The image attached to this article is the exclusive property of Equality 4 Black Nurses and is protected by copyright law. Any unauthorised reproduction, distribution, or use of this image or any portion of it is strictly prohibited. This image may not be copied or used without the express written permission of Equality 4 Black Nurses. Any unauthorised use will result in legal action.

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Sep 26, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

We will come out victorious.


Sep 20, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

good luck “ebenezer”. Well done E4BN for supporting this cause. me and my colleagues are all behind you.


Sep 16, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I just donated And hope it helps our dear brother Ebeneza


Sep 15, 2023

A police report has been made in regards to.this fraudulent post made using an image of my brother without consent do not partially in this fraudulent activity

Sep 18, 2023
Replying to

Don’t be ridiculous. You are obviously mistaken


Sep 14, 2023

Scam stop this nonsense

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