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Lost in a world of torment, when will it ever end?

Suffering in silence,

I try to internally mend,

through the continual dismissive acts and derogatory comments,

what was the aim of this game?

Why was I made to feel ashamed?

At this time I did not have a clue,

what lay ahead as only God knew,

fighting Covid was another battle,

fighting for life, breath, for my family

to see another day, although I recovered

the aches and pains would not go away,

why am I not being believed?

Is it my race or my colour?

what God did next was made me discover -

Equality for Black Nurses!

Helped keep me sane through the sleepless nights and days of despair with Neomi at my side- she helped me repair!

Listening to others stories,

I know I am not alone - let's unite together

our days of suffering will soon be gone

lets thank God our paths have crossed

making a difference to our future- to ensure

the unjust stories are not ignored and lost.

Poem kindly written by Leena on behalf of Equality4BlackNurses

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