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Updated: Oct 4

Ashdale Care Home Mansfield NOTTINGHAMSHIRE - Please in us in protest to protect this Nursing home and its residents.

Icilda's Dream Has Become a Care Home Owner's Nightmare

Imagine spending decades of your life as a dedicated Black nurse, tirelessly working within the National Health Service (NHS).

You save your hard-earned money each year, nurturing a dream to own your own care home. For Icilda, a 70-year-old nurse, this dream became a reality in July 2022 when an opportunity arose for her to buy out the ownership of a care home. It was a moment of immense joy and fulfilment after decades of hard work in this country.

However, just one year later, in August 2023, Icilda's dream turned into a nightmare. She was banned from setting foot into her own care home by the Local Authority and the Care Quality Commission (CQC), and the reasons behind this drastic action have remained shrouded in mystery.

When Icilda took over the care home, she entrusted its management to two managers who had overseen the facility for a few years prior. Unfortunately, what followed was a series of troubling events that would change Icilda's life forever.

It all began with complaints from the two managers, who seemed to harbour a deep-seated resentment towards Icilda, a Black woman, for owning the care home. To make matters worse, these managers gathered so-called 'information' against Icilda and complained to the CQC. Astonishingly, Icilda has never been allowed to know the detail or understand the basis of any complaint against her.

This lack of transparency has left her in a state of shock and confusion.

Adding to the situation's complexity, both disgruntled managers resigned on the same day they complained. Their sudden departure raises questions about the true nature of their intentions and the authenticity of their grievances.

The CQC's involvement in this ordeal has raised eyebrows as well. Instead of addressing substantial concerns, they have focused on minor issues, such as trivial bits of documentation and paperwork, and they are operating with a shallow threshold. Some of their observations even bordered on the absurd, like a cup found on the floor.

Remarkably, there have been no reports of patient safety issues or untoward incidents at Icilda's care home. The 16 residents living there for the past few years and their families have expressed overwhelming satisfaction with the care provided. They are deeply disturbed by the treatment Icilda, their highly respected care homeowner, has endured.

The entire situation reeks of a witch-hunt driven by racial prejudice, orchestrated by two disgruntled and envious white managers who seemingly could not tolerate a Black woman owning a care home.

It is a disturbing example of direct racism, which we, as Black nurses, commonly experience in the workplace. Still, it's quite surprising for this to happen when you own the workplace!

The CQC's handling of Icilda's case has been appalling. Banning her from entering her care home and demanding rapid corrections with little explanation is unjust and inhumane. Now, Icilda faces the threat of losing her cherished care home as the local authority seeks to close it down and re-house the 16 residents. The residents and their families are equally outraged, as they remain in the dark about the allegations against Icilda but stand firmly in support of her.

What has happened to Icilda is truly unbelievable and heartbreaking. It is a stark reminder that racial discrimination can rear its ugly head even when you own a business. We must rally behind Icilda, demanding transparency, fairness, and justice, and ensure that her dream does not turn into an unjust nightmare. This is a fight for what is right, and we cannot let this level of racial discrimination and bias tarnish Icilda's lifelong dedication to healthcare.

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